Bio Humus for Flower Gardens

Bio Humus Uses and Soil Mix

Bio Humus used for flower gardens provide high levels of soil-boosting nutrients to produce hardy, fast-growing flowers. Roots develop much more strongly, reaching deeper into the ground and assuring robust plants throughout any spring or summer environment. Plants are hardier, and transplanting is more consistently successful.

Flowers respond well to Bio Humus fertilizer because it delivers the essential nutrients plants need, along with plant growth hormones, in an easily absorbed, time-release manner. The nutrients in Bio Humus are readily available, and work synergistically with your existing soil to make the mineral reserves within your soil available when you plant need them. Bio Humus also improve the ability of the soil to retain more water and help flowers resist root disease.

Delivers essential nutrients and plant growth hormones
Nitrogen, phosphorus and
potassium are easily absorbed
Helps soil retain water
Improves flowers’ resistance to pests and disease



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